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Union Safety Certification Service

   About us

       Union Safety Certification Service, based in HongKong, face the international trade market, is a laboratory which take the product technology as the foundation, engaged in the household appliances, the office equipment,A/V entertainment product, the luminaires, the bath and shower equipment and industry machinery equipment which are needed to export to Europe and America market. The big reduction authentication cycle, and provide specialized service of revisement. At the
same time, we can provide the standard technical consultant work, help the manufacturer by the reasonable cost, the quick speed, obtains the product authentication certificate, in order to enter the international sales market smoothly.
       Our test laboratory had approved by many countries, the international authority organizes, advances at the same pace with the most advanced technology and the industrial standard, supports the customer with all one's strength the product research and development, the market service. We have the strong technological resource, our product engineers had worked for several famous Certification Bodies. Involves scope including household appliances, lighting attachment, bath and shower equipment, industry machine, component, A/V and IT equipment and so on many kinds of products. Has established the good cooperation in the long-term business contact with many global CB authentication organization. we help manufacturer speeds up the product going on the market time, reduces the product existence shortage of security the possibility which recycles, has certainly also saved the expense.
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